director & writer

Chris Miera



Here are some of the projects from the last years.



108 min | drama | 2017

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A small quiet place in Thuringia. Andreas' (42) workshop is running well again and Martin (43) is not as much on the road as before. Son Max (19) is out of the house. Finally, the two have more time for themselves and travel in November to the Baltic Sea - as they have always done it before. But Martin is dissatisfied: the weather is bad and he would have preferred to stay at home. Andreas tears off his clothes and throws himself into the cold sea. Full of care, Martin tries to pull him back and swallows the salty water as he stumbles. Back in their holiday home the mood is disturbed by the different expectations. A cautious approach to the traces of a long relationship.

Paths tells the love of two people. Not how they got together, not a period that they live through, but their common time: all the years between the first kiss and now.

Cast & Crew

With: Mike Hoffmann, Mathis Reinhardt, Tom Böttcher, Cai Cohrs
Screenplay: Philipp Österle & Chris Miera
Director of Photography & Directed by: Chris Miera
Assistent Director: Alexander Weiz
Editor: Mirko Scheel
Sound Supervisor: Philipp Schwabe
Sound Mixing: Christoph Walter
Composer: Matija Strniša
Costume Designer: Sonja Hesse
Line Producer: Anya Grünewald
Producer: Chris Miera
Co-Production: Hildebrandt Film
World Sales: LOCO FILMS
Production: Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF

Web Series


3x ~ 20 min | Web Series & ZDF NEO | 2019
Sesaon 3 - Episodes: 28 - 30


In the third season, everything will be different, because now it's about the feelings of the boys. The clique around Jonas, Matteo, Carlos and Abdi has to prepare for the Abitur, but friendships, sex and the first great love keeps them from focussing. But do you prefer to keep cool and keep your feelings to yourself, or is it worth risking everything and getting hurt so badly?


Cast & Crew

with: Michelangelo Fortuzzi, Lukas von Horbatschewsky screenplay: Julia Penner, Jonas Lindt, Sandra Stöckmann, Toks Körner
director: Chris Miera
DoP: Johannes Praus
Editor: Mirko Scheel
production design Claudia Steinert
costume designer: Sophie Klebba
producer: Edgar Derzian
production: Jan Kromschröder, Lasse Scharpen
production company: Bantry Bay Productions

music video

Goddys - Ambrosia

4:00 | music video | 2019


music video for Goddys!


Production Company: Ponyphone Records
director & DoP: Chris Miera


Filmfestival Cottbus Trailer 2014

4x 30 Sek | trailer / commercial | 2014


Four trailers for the 2014 Cottbus Film Festival. There are several trailers to be discovered at the festival.


Production Company: HFF "Konrad Wolf" Potsdam Babelsberg
Author / Director: Chris Miera
Director of Photography: Michael Unger, Nico Mews
Producer: Anna Hintzen
Editor: Philipp Ostermann
Grading: Nadja Jankowski
VFX: Jonas Riemer
Production Design: Tomoko Okada
Composer: Leonard Peterson
Sounddesign: Alexandra Praet



15 min | short documentary | 2011


"It’s so wonderful to swim in the sea and feel the waves changing the bottom!" It’s so nice to skate, touch the cold ice, feel your loved ones with more than the eye! The world unseen but sensed. A short film journey in the world of touch, through which we are guided by blind Karina and her seeing-eye dog Portes.


idea & director: Chris Miera
dramaturgy: Vera Trajanova
production: Paul Bauer
camera: Sebastian Klatt
camera assistence: Waldemar Bruch
editor: Mirko Scheel
Sound & Sound mixing: Philipp Schwabe
Music: Ruben Fischer & Philipp Schwabe
Line Producer: Anya Grünewald
Production: Hochschule für Film und Fernsehen (HFF) "Konrad Wolf"


Born in Schwedt and living in Leipzig. Turned my first movie during my schooling in Beijing. In 2008 he studied computer science and then in 2010 moved to the Filmuniversität Babelsberg Konrad Wolf, where I studied directing. Diploma in 2016, followed by master class studies with Barbara Albert. Graduation in 2018.



2016 - 2018

Meisterschülerstudium / directing

Barbara Albert


2010 - 2016


directing studies at the Filmuniversity Babelsberg Konrad Wolf graduation film: "paths"